Money & Property


Ex 21:2 Release Hebrew servants in 7th year
Ex 21:3 Release wife with him
Ex 21:4 Unless wife is property of the master, then they stay
Ex 21:7 Sold daughters do not go free
Ex 21:8 Female servant may be redeemed without selection
Ex 21:9 If he selects her, must grant rights as daughter
Ex 21:10 Not selected, must look after her
Ex 21:11 If he does not look after her, then she is free
Ex 22:1 No stealing cattle
Ex 22:2 No killing intruders during sunlight
Ex 22:3b No not steal a man’s property
Ex 22:5 Do not let cattle graze in another man’s field
Ex 22:6 Do not start fires
Ex 22:7 No stealing a man’s property
Ex 22:8 If not thief found, safekeeper is held accountable
Ex 22:10 Don’t purposefully let safekept animal die or steal animal
Ex 22:14 Don’t allow borrowed animal to die or be injured
Ex 22:25 Don’t charge interest to loans for the needy
Ex 22:26 Return borrowed cloak to neighbor by sunset
Ex 30:12 Pay a money ransom to God during the census
Ex 30:15 Rich and poor must give the same amount
Lev 25:14 Do not take advantage of each other with selling or buying property
Lev 25:23 Do not sell land permanently, as it is God’s
Lev 25:25 Redeem property if you are close to a struggling neighbor
Lev 25:29 A seller retains right of redemption for a full year after selling property
Lev 25:31 Houses without walls belong to the open country
Lev 25:32 Levites may redeem their sold homes at any time, and are returned during the Jubilee
Lev 25:35 Help all Israelities as you would foreigners/strangers if they lose property
Lev 25:39 Do not make Israelities work as slaves
Lev 25:44 Slaves may be bought from neighboring nations
Lev 25:47 If you sell yourself into slavery, you may be redeemed by a relative
Lev 27:2 Dedicate people for vows accoridng to their value, according to God’s specifications
Lev 27:9 Dedicate animals for vows accoridng to their value, according to God’s specifications
Lev 27:14 Dedicate houses for vows accoridng to their value, according to God’s specifications
Lev 27:16 Dedicate land for vows accoridng to their value, according to God’s specifications
Lev 27:22 Dedicate fields for vows accoridng to their value, according to God’s specifications
Lev 27:26 Do not dedicate firstborn animals for animals, as they belong to God
Lev 27:28 Do not dedicate anything deovted to God
Lev 27:29 Do not ransom anyone devoted to destruction
Lev 27:30 Tithe animals and harvest to God
Nu 5:7 Make financial restitution for wrongs by adding 1/5
Nu 5:8 Give restitution to God if it cannot be given to wronged family
Nu 18:20 Aaron and the Levites have no inheritance on the land
Nu 18:21 Tithes of the Israelities go to the Levites and Aaron
Nu 27:8 If a man has no sons, give his inheritance to his daughters
Nu 27:9 If a man has no daughters, give his inheritance to his brothers, then his fatherly uncles, then his nearest relatives
De 7:26 Do not bring a detestable thing into your home
De 15:2 Cancel all debts with Israelites every 7 years
De 15:7 Be generous with lending to the poor
De 15:12 Free slaves at the end of 7 years
De 21:15 Fathers must give their property to their firstborn, even if he is from an unloved wife
De 22:8 Build a parapet aorund your roof
De 23:19 Do not charge interest to a fellow Israelite
De 23:21 Do not be slow to pay a vow to the Lord
De 24:6 Do not take a pair of millstones as security for a debt
De 24:10 Do not go into the house of someone who owes you, but stand outside
De 24:12 Do not keep the cloak of a poor man overnight as a pledge
De 24:14 Do not take advantage of a poor hired person


2 thoughts on Money & Property

  1. I just laughed out loud at “Return borrowed cloak to neighbor by sunset” haha. I can totally see how this is very important to God. It makes him relatable, as I also dislike when my friends don’t return the clothing they borrow on time.

    Seriously though, this is an amazing project Jesse. Thanks for doing it.

    1. That is such a girl problem! I don’t think I have ever lent my clothing to anyone.

      Thanks for the support! Keep reading!


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