Ex 23:33 Do not let foreign enemies live on land
Ex 34:12 Do not make treaties with foreigners
Ex 34:15 Do not make treaties with foreigners
Lev 15:31 Israelites must stay away from things that make them unclean
Lev 19:26b Do not practice divination
Lev 19:27 Do not cut hair or beard short
Lev 19:28 Do not get tattoos or mark your body
Lev 19:31 Do not go to mediums
Nu 15:16 Foreigners and native-born people are the same in the eyes of God
Nu 15:38 Put tassels on your garments as a reminder of the Law
De 4:2 Do not add or subtract from the Law
De 6:7 Teach the Law to your children
De 12:32 Do not add or subtract from the Law
De 14:1 Do not cut yourselves or shave your head for the dead
De 16:18 Appoint judges over you
De 17:8 Bring difficult matters to the Levitcal jduges
De 17:15 Appoint a king only of God’s choosing
De 17:16 A king must not take too many horses
De 17:17 A king must not take too many wives
De 17:17b A king must not aquire too much gold
De 17:18 A king must rule from the Law
De 19:1 Set up cities of refuge for those that unintentionally kill others
De 20:1 Pronounce the word of God before battle
De 20:10 Ask for peace before battle
De 21:1 An unsolved murder must be atoned by the nearest town
De 21:22 Hang the body of a guilty person and then bury it before nightfall
De 22:5 Men must not wear women’s clothing and vice versa
De 22:6 Do not take a mother and her birds. Take the young and leave the mother
De 22:10 Do not plow with an ox and donkey together
De 22:11 Do not wear clothes of wool and linen
De 22:12 Put tassels on the four corners of the cloak you wear
De 23:1 No emasculated man may enter the assembly
De 23:2 No one in a forbidden marriage may enter the assembly
De 23:3 Do not allow Ammonites or Moabites in the assembly
De 23:7 Do not despise Edomites or Egyptians
De 23:12 Designate a special place to relieve yourself outside of camp
De 23:15 Allow slaves to take refuge with you
De 24:5 A man is free from duty or war for a year after marriage
De 24:16 Parents are not to be put to death for their children and vice verse
De 24:17 Do not deprive foreigners or the fatherless of justice
De 25:1 Take matters to the court, and the judges will decide
De 25:3 Do not impose more than 40 lashes
De 25:4 Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain
De 25:13 Do not have two differing or weights in your possession

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