Ex 20:12 Honor parents
Ex 20:13 Do not murder
Ex 20:15 Do not steal
Ex 20:16 Do not lie
Ex 20:17 Do not covet
Ex 21:12 Don’t strike a fatal blow on purpose
Ex 21:15 Do not attack parents
Ex 21:16 Do not kidnap
EX 21:17 Do not curse parent
Ex 21:18 Do not fight with others
Ex 21:20 Do not kill slaves
Ex 21:22 Do not hit pregnant woman
Ex 21:26 Do not hit slaves
Ex 21:28 A bull who gores must not be eaten
Ex 21:29 Do not let a bull who knowingly gores kill anyone
Ex 21:33 Do not let pits in property kill others’ animals
Ex 21:35 Do not allow your bull injure another
Ex 22:1 No stealing cattle
Ex 22:18 Do not allow a sorceress to live
Ex 22:21 Do not mistreat foreigners
Ex 22:22 Do not take advantage of widows or the fatherless
Ex 23:1 Do not lie
Ex 23:1b Do not help a guilty person by being “malicious” witness
Ex 23:2 Do not follow crowd in doing wrong
Ex 23:2b Do not side with crowd in lawsuit
Ex 23:3 Do not show favoritism to poor in lawsuit
Ex 23:4 Return enemy’s wandering animals
Ex 23:5 Help enemy’s fallen animals
Ex 23:6 Do not deny justice to poor in lawsuits
Ex 23:7 Do not associate with a false charge
Ex 23:7b Do not put an innocent man to death
Ex 23:8 Do not accept bribe
Ex 23:9 Do not oppress a foreigner
Lev 5:1 Speak up to a public charge to testify for anything you have seen or learned about
Lev 5:5 Confess sins
Lev 18:4 Obey the laws of God and ignore the practices of those in foreign lands
Lev 18:26 Keep God’s commandments
Lev 19:3 Respect parents
Lev 19:11a Do not steal
Lev 19:11c Do not lie
Lev 19:11c Do not deceive
Lev 19:12 Do not swear falsely by God
Lev 19:!3 Do not rob your neighbor
Lev 19:14 Do not trick the deaf or blind
Lev 19:15 Do not pervert justice
Lev 19:16 Do not slander
Lev 19:16b Do not endanger your neighbors life
Lev 19:17 Do not hate a fellow Israelite
Lev 19:18 Do not seek revenge
Lev 19:19 Keep God’s commandments
Lev 19:19b Do not crossbreed animals
Lev 19:19c Do not co-mingle crops
Lev 19:19d Do not wears two types of materials
Lev 19:32 Respect the aged
Lev 19:33 Do not mistreat foreigners
Lev 19:35 Do not be dishonest when measuring quantities
Lev 19:37 Keep God’s commandments
Lev 21:1 Priests should not make themselves ceremonially unclean for people when they die, except for close relatives
Lev 21:5 Priests should not shave their heads or beards
Lev 21:7 Priests should not marry women defiled by prostitution or divorce
Lev 21:8 Regard priests as holy
Lev 21:9 Priests’ daughters should not defile themselves with prostitution
Lev 21:10 High priests should not let their hair become unkempt or tear their clothes
Lev 21:11 High priests should not enter places with dead bodies
Lev 21:11b High priests should not become unclean
Lev 21:13 Priests should marry a virgin
Lev 21:17 No person with a defect or disability may come near for offering
Lev 22:2 Priests should respect all sacred offering
Lev 22:3 Do not go near the sacred offering if you are unclean
Lev 22:9 Priests should not perform service in a guity way
Lev 22:31 Keep God’s commandments
Lev 24:17 Do not take the life of a human being
Lev 24:18 Do not take life of animal
Lev 24:19 Do not injure your neighbor
Lev 24:21 Foreigners must follow laws of native born
Nu 5:6 Confess sins
Nu 15:30 Cut off anyone who sins defiantely
Nu 30:2 Keep all vows
Nu 30:3 A young woman living with her father may make pledges only with her father’s approval
Nu 30:6 Any woman who makes a vow and then gets married must get her new husband’s approval from them to stand
Nu 30:9 Vows made by a widow or divorced woman will be binding to her
Nu 30:10 A married woman may make pledges only with her husband’s approval
Nu 35:16 Do not intentionally strike someone a fatal blow
Nu 35:22 Send a person who accidentally kills another to the city of refuge until the death of the priest
Nu 35:26 If a killer leaves the city of refuge, the avenger of blood may kill him
Nu 35:30 Only put a murderer to death on the testimony of multiple witnesses
Nu 35:31 Do not accept a ransom on a murderer
Nu 35:32 Do not accept a ransom on a person who has fled the city of refuge
Nu 35:33 Do not pollute the land with blood
Nu 35:34 Do not defile the land you live on
De 4:6 Obey the Law
De 5:16 Honor parents
De 5:17 Do not murder
De 5:19 Do not steal
De 5:20 Do not lie
De 5:21 Do not covet
De 5:33 Be obedient to God
De 6:17 Keep God’s commandments
De 6:18 Do what is right
De 7:11 Keep God’s commandments
De 7:16 Destroy all enemies of God
De 8:1 Keep God’s commandments
De 8:6 Observe commandments
De 11:1b Keep God’s commandments
De 11:8 Keep God’s commandments
De 11:18 Be careful and fix God’s commandments in your heart
De 11:32 Obey the Law
De 13:5b Purge all evil from among you
De 16:19 Do not pervert justice
De 17:2 Put to death those wrong doers only on the witness of two or more people
De 18:9 Do not learn the occult practices of those aorund you
De 18:14 Do not listen to false prophets
De 19:11 Kill anyone who kills out of malice
De 19:15 Use two or more witnesses only in hearings
De 21:18 Rebellious sons must be stoned to death
De 22:1 Return all straying ox or sheep to their owners
De 22:4 Help a fallen ox or donkey
De 24:7 Do not kidnap or treat anyone as a slave
De 26:16 Keep God’s commandments
De 27:1 Keep God’s commandments
De 27:10 Keep God’s commandments

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