Some Gay Stories: Psalms 101 – 109

Psalms is for everyone.

We have wailing and praising. Contemplation. Even good old fashioned retellings of historical biblical events. Perhaps this is why any good pastor can toss a Psalms verse out there no matter your ill.

This is very general – and I will do a more comprehensive wrap up post Chapter 150 – but I don’t think Psalms really tries to assert any actual truth about God. Instead, it seems like it is many Godly men trying to figure out the truth about God. Maybe that is my projection. I like the second option better.

Last week in my lead post, I promised a “very gay week,” and I got sidetracked. My story about Ansley and her blatant question (“Are you gay or what?”) and my wishy-washy response (“Sort of”) was meant to be a precursor towards my first experiences in the gay culture. I changed courses when I realized what a profound effect my relationship with her had on the development of my sexual identity. So I told that story instead.

But now I want to tell some other ones – about how I never felt comfortable (and to some degrees, still don’t) in the gay community at large. This is not meant to be a criticism of the culture, but rather a commentary on my experience in it. Gay people express themselves in all types of ways – why do you think the rainbow is our symbol? But for a while, I felt pressure to be a certain type of queer person – meaning the flaming, tank-wearing, Madonna-loving stereotype. But it never fit, and it won’t fit. And I’ve come to realize that no queer man wants to be that stereotype, however close he might come to it naturally. So let’s talk about that.

All of this is filtered through the Psalms, of course, which we all know was written to be applied to queers.

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